About Melissa:

25 years old, Blonde haired, blue eyed Melissa was born and raised in Liverpool.
At age 17, Melissa started competing in beauty pageants, she has taken home a total of 18 pageant titles including, Miss Galaxy England, Miss Liverpool Galaxy, Miss Teen World, and Miss Cheshire.
Since age 11 Melissa had a passion for performing. She attended The Carol Godby Theatre school and The Chilton School of dance and drama.


Acing, singing, DJING


Carol Godby theatre school, Chilton School of dance and drama from age 11+
Pulp Fiction – Mia Wallace Strange and Slightly Twisted Productions. NQ Live Theatre Manchester


At age 18 Melissa learned to DJ, her DJ career quickly took off and seen her travel across the world to countries such as, America, Australia, India, Bahrain, and all around Europe playing in some of the worlds greatest clubs.